Dan's experience with RoboFit

A week with HAL: Daniel’s Story

The health benefits I have gained since attending RoboFit have been outstanding, not only am I feeling fit and getting stronger in my legs, core and back, but there’s even been bladder and bowel improvements which have been mind blowing for me.

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RoboFit New technology helping people walk again

New technology helping people walk again

It has taken many years, but life-changing technology to help people walk again has now arrived in Australia. It’s thanks to one man who has spent the last decade as a quadriplegic, now he wants to help others get back on their feet.

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RoboFit Kieran O'Brien

Introducing: Kieran O’Brien

RoboFit is all about developing a custom exoskeleton training program to suit your needs. As RoboFit’s head trainer, Kieran will be working with clients, developing a bespoke program to achieve their goals.

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What's HAL?

HAL, Explained

Cyberdyne’s premier exoskeleton is the Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL). As the world’s first commercially available neuro-controlled exoskeleton, HAL leverages electrodes to read the wearer’s movement intent and move when required.

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RoboFit What is an exoskeleton?

What’s an exoskeleton?

You’re probably wondering what an exoskeleton is. Without realising it, you’re likely to have seen lots of examples in nature! Put simply, an exoskeleton is an external covering that supports and protects an animal’s body.

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