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At RoboFit we specialise in a range of services targeted at those living with neurological or musculoskeletal conditions include Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Stroke. Our allied health team including physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, will work with you to explore what’s possible.

Services are available at one of our RoboFit centres in Brisbane (Shailer Park), Wollongong or Sydney (Alexandria),  via telehealth or in your home. 

You are in the drivers seat, choosing to reach your goals with more traditional therapy or if you want to trial neuro-controlled exoskeletons.

Building on a foundation of traditional exercise physiology, our certified therapists harness the power of HAL to help clients achieve their goals. With HAL assisted sessions clients work alongside a neuro-controlled exoskeleton certified trainer.

Our sessions are done in a safe environment with falls prevention practices in place, with therapists using real-time data from the exoskeletons to meticulously craft a personalised training session.

If you want to learn more about exercise physiology at RoboFit click here

Neurological physiotherapy is focussed on improving neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change and adapt through experience, growth, and re-organization.

Treatments for people living with neurological conditions are focused on improving motor control, balance and coordination.

If you want to learn more about physiotherapy at RoboFit click here

We offer remote consultations with our therapists for those wishing to explore what training at RoboFit can do for them. 

Current Telehealth services available include 

  • Physiotherapy 
  • Exercise Physiology 


Contact our team to learn more. All that is needed is an internet connection and video enabled device.

Working alongside RoboFit are a team of multidisciplinary partners who are passionate about helping people achieve their goals. We believe that working together we can help you achieve your goals.

Where our team doesn’t have the right fit of skills for what you need we will try to help you find the right help.

Assistive technology (AT) refers to systems that can help individuals with a disability to improve their ability to perform everyday tasks and activities or enhance their capacity. Capacity building incorporating AT can help to achieve greater independence and quality of life. 

At RoboFit we use neuro controlled exoskeletons from Cyberdyne, which can be incorporated into therapy sessions. Learn more about the technology here


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