What is NDIS Capacity Building?

If you’re on the NDIS, you’ll know that your funding is mainly split into three categories: Capacity Building, Core Supports, and Capital Supports.

At RoboFit, we mainly focus on capacity building exercises.

Capacity Building, Explained

Under the NDIS, Capacity Building is the range of exercises and services that will permanently build on your skills and independence. For example, you could have your clothes washed for you, but a capacity building support would provide you with the skills and knowledge required to launder your clothes yourself.

You may have actually heard the term before in a different context! Capacity building is often the term used to refer to training and improving staff skills in the workforce.

What Capacity Building activities does RoboFit offer?

RoboFit offers a range of Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy services, which are designed to improve your standing, balance, mobility and posture. These capacity building improvements can tie into your NDIS goals, such as interacting with the community more.

To this end, we are using Australia’s first neuro-controlled exoskeletons to improve mobility in our clients by leveraging a concept called neuroplasticity. By using these innovative exoskeletons, our exercise physiology team can get you walking, standing and moving specific areas of your body so that you can train specific muscle groups. Repeatedly doing this encourages a process called neuroplasticity, which improves motor function in some cases.

At RoboFit, you can improve your capacity to access the community and live independently. For more questions, give us a call or get in touch at hello@robofit.com.au

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