Safety Update – September 2021

Client safety is at the heart of all operations at RoboFit. Despite 2021’s unprecedented challenges, we’re committed to ensuring that everything we do is done in a safe manner, ranging from the training itself, all the way through to general health and safety protocols.

Let's talk COVID-19

First, we’ll address the elephant in the room. COVID-19 has been a significant challenge for individuals and businesses over the past year and a half, with knock on effects expected to last well into 2022 or longer.

Thankfully, we now have access to extremely safe and effective vaccinations to help reduce the spread and impact of this illness across the wider community. At this stage, RoboFit’s team are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We strongly advise clients to discuss vaccination with their GP.

At RoboFit, we’re pleased to share that we have implemented a range of COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure client safety:

  • Regular cleaning of all shared equipment, such as doorways, benches, treadmills and exoskeletons
  • RoboFit staff wear medical-grade face masks, with clients encouraged to wear them (currently mandatory under public health guidelines)
  • Masks available for clients if required
  • Social distancing practiced where applicable


As public health orders are lifted to a COVID Normal status, expect to see regular updates.

Your safety while training

At RoboFit, client safety is paramount to all elements of the rehabilitation and training process. During sessions, our highly trained team work to ensure that every client is adequately protected from injury, deploying methods such as: 

  • Falls prevention harness
  • Treadmill emergency stop
  • Two staff members per client, monitoring all movement
  • Mobile frames equipped with brakes as required
  • All exercises undertaken in a clear area


Additionally, RoboFit’s Allied Health team all carry first aid certificates and are registered with AHPRA (Australia’s Allied Health Regulatory Body).

If you have any questions or concerns prior to your appointment, get in touch with RoboFit at the link below or phone us for assistance.

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