Client Stories: Jimmy

Jimmy has quickly become a superstar client at RoboFit. His energy and dedication are admirable, but the thing we really love is his approach to “acknowledging the 1% wins.” With three daughters under 12 years old, he couldn’t let a little thing like a brain stem stoke slow him down.

Jimmy kicked off his RoboFit experience with a suitability assessment followed by the recommended block sessions, completing 5 weeks of 4 sessions a weekat 2 hours a session. These sessions were a mix of activity with the HAL device and without. 


My name is James Lee. I’m from Bowral.

Can you tell us about why you came to RoboFit?

Well basically to improve gait, good music, ahaha good people, um, and, you know to get back on my feet again.

How did your brainstem stroke occur?

I think I had a strep throat infection, and I went into hospital. At that point in time, I had a what they call a sleep stroke- a wake up stroke. And then I was in Prince of Wales and they sent me home again. I came back the next morning, um, and got another doctor to do the once-over, and then was when the stroke went into acute stroke. Um I then had a local up my nose, and they told me to have a biopsy in my leg, and my nose, and I haemorrhaged at that point in time. I haemorrhaged. So I kind of had the stroke at the right place.

What things have you learnt since having your stroke?

Endurance, mental strength, priorities, and patience. Yeah. The hard way. Ahaha!

How did you come across RoboFit?

Actually Peta saw it on the ABC and posted it to me via Instagram and uh away we went. Meeting Dan, and the team, Keiran, and Tom, and Jordi. So I knew it was probably for me. But I knew that it was causing good pain, good pain in the right areas. Five years down the track you realise what is good pain, and what is bad pain. This is good pain.

Do you have any advice for someone who’s had a stroke, or knows someone who has?

You know, you’ve got to keep going. Though it’s bad at times, you have good days and bad days. And right now, I have more good days than bad. And life goes on. So I don’t know if that helps, but that’s my advice. I’m sticking to it. Haha! Oh and your taste gets better too. Your taste buds. So if you like food, which I do, taste is good. It came back to me.

Tell us what you think about RoboFit.

I think RoboFit is probably the best gait training I’ve seen, and I’ve seen it all believe me. I think if you suffer an issue with some form of walking, gait training you need RoboFit.

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